xml – Global attributes from the XML namespace

Contains the global attributes for the XML namespace (like xml:lang), and classes for the XML declaration.

class ll.xist.ns.xml.Attrs(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: ll.xist.xsc.Attrs

class space(*content)[source]

Bases: ll.xist.xsc.TextAttr

class lang(*content)[source]

Bases: ll.xist.xsc.TextAttr

class base(*content)[source]

Bases: ll.xist.xsc.URLAttr

class ll.xist.ns.xml.XML(version='1.0', encoding='utf-8', standalone=None)[source]

Bases: ll.xist.xsc.ProcInst

XML declaration. The encoding will be automatically set when publishing.


Generate unicode strings for the node. publisher must be an instance of Publisher.

The encoding and xhtml specification are taken from the publisher.

class ll.xist.ns.xml.XMLStyleSheet(*content)[source]

Bases: ll.xist.xsc.ProcInst

XML stylesheet declaration.

class ll.xist.ns.xml.declaration(*content, **attrs)[source]

Bases: ll.xist.xsc.Element

The XML declaration as an element. This makes it possible to generate a declaration from within an XML file.


Implementation of the conversion method. When you define your own element classes you have to overwrite this method and implement the desired conversion.

This method must return an instance of Node. It may not change self.