Source code for ll.xist.ns.xml

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# cython: language_level=3, always_allow_keywords=True

## Copyright 1999-2018 by LivingLogic AG, Bayreuth/Germany
## Copyright 1999-2018 by Walter Dörwald
## All Rights Reserved
## See ll/xist/ for the license

Contains the global attributes for the XML namespace (like ``xml:lang``),
and classes for the XML declaration.

from ll import xml_codec
from ll.xist import xsc, sims

__docformat__ = "reStructuredText"

xmlns = xsc.xml_xmlns

[docs]class Attrs(xsc.Attrs): xmlns = xmlns
[docs] class space(xsc.TextAttr): xmlns = xmlns values = ("default", "preserve")
[docs] class lang(xsc.TextAttr): xmlns = xmlns
[docs] class base(xsc.URLAttr): xmlns = xmlns
[docs]class XML(xsc.ProcInst): """ XML declaration. The encoding will be automatically set when publishing. """ xmlname = "xml"
[docs] def __init__(self, version="1.0", encoding="utf-8", standalone=None): v = [] v.append(f'version="{version}"') # According to version is required if encoding is not None: v.append(f'encoding="{encoding}"') if standalone is not None: standalone = "yes" if standalone else "no" v.append(f'standalone="{standalone}"') xsc.ProcInst.__init__(self, " ".join(v))
[docs] def publish(self, publisher): xml = f"<?xml {self.content}?>" if publisher.encoding is not None: xml = xml_codec._fixencoding(xml, str(publisher.encoding)) yield publisher.encode(xml)
[docs]class XMLStyleSheet(xsc.ProcInst): """ XML stylesheet declaration. """ xmlname = "xml-stylesheet"
[docs]class declaration(xsc.Element): """ The XML declaration as an element. This makes it possible to generate a declaration from within an XML file. """ xmlns = xmlns model = sims.Empty()
[docs] def convert(self, converter): node = XML() return node.convert(converter)