ruby – W3C Ruby annotations

An XIST module that contains definitions for all the elements in Ruby 1.0.

class ll.xist.ns.ruby.DocTypeRuby10[source]

Bases: ll.xist.xsc.DocType

document type for Ruby 1.0

class ll.xist.ns.ruby.rb(*content, **attrs)[source]

Bases: ll.xist.xsc.Element

The rb element is the container for the text of the ruby base.

class ll.xist.ns.ruby.rbc(*content, **attrs)[source]

Bases: ll.xist.xsc.Element

The rbc (ruby base component) element is the container for rb elements.

class ll.xist.ns.ruby.rp(*content, **attrs)[source]

Bases: ll.xist.xsc.Element

The rp element is intended to contain parenthesis characters in simple ruby.

class ll.xist.ns.ruby.rt(*content, **attrs)[source]

Bases: ll.xist.xsc.Element

The rt element is the container for the ruby text.

class Attrs(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: ll.xist.xsc.Attrs

class rbspan(*content)[source]

Bases: ll.xist.xsc.TextAttr

class ll.xist.ns.ruby.rtc(*content, **attrs)[source]

Bases: ll.xist.xsc.Element

The rtc (“ruby text component”) element is the container for rt elements.

class ll.xist.ns.ruby.ruby(*content, **attrs)[source]

Bases: ll.xist.xsc.Element

The ruby element is an inline (or text-level) element that serves as the container for either the rb, rt and optional rp elements or the rbc and rtc elements.