specials – Common useful elements

An XIST module that contains a collection of useful elements that can be used for all conversion targets, because they only generate text.

class ll.xist.ns.specials.filesize[source]

Bases: Element

The size (in bytes) of the file whose URL is the attribute href as a text node.

class ll.xist.ns.specials.filetime[source]

Bases: Element

The time of the last modification of the file whose URL is in the attribute href as a text node. This will always be an UTC timestamp.

class ll.xist.ns.specials.time[source]

Bases: Element

the current time (i.e. the time when convert() is called). You can specify the format of the string in the attribute format, which is a strftime() compatible string.

class ll.xist.ns.specials.ignore[source]

Bases: Element

Element that will be ignored when converted.

ignore can be used to comment out stuff. The content of the element must of course still be wellformed.

class ll.xist.ns.specials.wrap[source]

Bases: Element

A wrapper element that returns its content when converted.

This is e.g. useful if you want to parse a file that starts with ll.xist.ns.jsp processing instructions.

class ll.xist.ns.specials.literal[source]

Bases: ProcInst

literal is a processing instruction that will output its content literally when published.

class ll.xist.ns.specials.url[source]

Bases: ProcInst

url is a processing instruction containing an URL. On publishing it will be replaced by an URL that is relative to the base URL of the publisher.

class ll.xist.ns.specials.lf[source]

Bases: CharRef

line feed

class ll.xist.ns.specials.cr[source]

Bases: CharRef

carriage return

class ll.xist.ns.specials.tab[source]

Bases: CharRef

horizontal tab

class ll.xist.ns.specials.esc[source]

Bases: CharRef