ns – Package containing namespaces

This package contains all the modules that provide namespaces to to XIST. For example the definition of HTML can be found in the module ll.xist.ns.html.

Some of these namespaces can be considered target namespaces (e.g. ll.xist.ns.html, ll.xist.ns.wml and ll.xist.ns.docbook). The element and entity classes in these namespaces don’t implement a convert method, i.e. they inherit the convert() method from ll.xist.xsc.Element.convert.

Other namespace modules provide additional functionality through new element classes. Calling ll.xist.xsc.Node.convert() on these elements might convert them to one of these target namespaces (depending on the target attribute of the ll.xist.xsc.Converter object passed around.) Some of these namespace modules completely ignore the target and convert to one fixed target namespace (ll.xist.ns.html in most cases).

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