Changes in old packages

The following list of changes is for modules and packages that where merged into XIST (starting with XIST 3.2) or into the former core package (starting with XIST 2.12).

Changes in the new core package

Changes in 1.11.1 (released 01/11/2008)

  • Added missing source file _xml_codec_include.c to the source distributions.

Changes in 1.11 (released 01/07/2008)

  • root: URLs are now treated as local files for purposes of file i/o.

  • ll.make.ModuleAction no longer supports modules that fiddle with sys.modules.

  • The function ll.misc.tokenizepi() can be used to split a string according to the processing instruction tags in the string (this formerly was part of ll.xist.xsc).

  • ll.make has been changed interally to store modification timestamp, which should fix the implementation of PhonyAction and makes it possible to use PhonyAction objects as inputs to other actions.

  • ll.make has a new action ImportAction. This action doesn’t take any input. It imports a module specified by name, e.g. make.ImportAction("cStringIO") (Note that you should not import one module via ModuleAction and ImportAction (or a normal import) as this will return two different module objects).

  • Make actions don’t have the input actions as a constructor parameter any longer. The input action can now only be set via __div__().

  • ll.make has been updated to support the actions required by XIST 3.0.

  • The functions misc.item(), misc.first(), misc.last() and misc.count() have been reimplemented in C and should be faster now (especally item() for negative indexes).

  • misc.Namespace is gone and has been replaced with misc.Pool which works similar to the pools use by XIST (in fact XISTs pool class is a subclass of misc.Pool).

  • The module xml_codec has been added. It contains a complete codec for encoding and decoding XML.

Changes in 1.10.1 (released 07/20/2007)

  • Fix option handling in ll.daemon (values from the optionparser where never used).

Changes in 1.10 (released 06/21/2007)

  • ll.daemon now uses optparse to parse the command line options. Start options restart and run have been added.

Changes in 1.9.1 (released 04/03/2007)

Changes in 1.9 (released 03/30/2007)

  • ll.url.Context no longer relies on automatic cleanup for closing connections. Instead when a Context object is used in a with block, all connections will be closed at the end of the block. This should finally fix the problem with hanging threads at the end of the program.

  • A script has been added that can be used to copy stuff around:

    $ ucp -v ssh:// -u joe -g users

Changes in 1.8 (released 03/12/2007)

  • In calls to ll.url.URL methods that get forwarded to a connection it’s now possible to pass keyword arguments for the connection constructor directly to the called method, i.e. you can do:

    >>> u = url.URL("ssh://")
    >>> u.size(identity="/root/.ssh/id_rsa")

Changes in 1.7.5 (released 03/09/2007)

  • ll.url.Resource now has a method encoding() that returns None (for “encoding unknown”).

Changes in 1.7.4 (released 03/08/2007)

  • ll.url.SshConnection objects now supports the identity parameter. This can be used to specify the filename to be used as the identity file (private key) for authentication.

Changes in 1.7.3 (released 02/22/2007)

  • ll.url.SshConnection now has a new method close() which can be used to shut down the communication channel. As a SshConnection no longer stores a reference to the context, this means that ssh connections are shut down immediately after the end of the context in which they are stored. This avoids a problem with hanging threads.

Changes in 1.7.2 (released 02/02/2007)

  • Fixed a bug in ll.url._import().

Changes in 1.7.1 (released 01/24/2007)

  • ll.astyle has been updated to the current trunk version of IPython.

  • As the new module is deprecated, use types instead.

Changes in 1.7 (released 11/23/2006)

  • Fixed a bug in the user switching in ll.daemon.Daemon.

  • Added a new action class GetAttrAction to ll.make. This action gets an attribute of its input object.

Changes in 1.6.1 (released 11/22/2006)

  • ll.make.ModuleAction now puts a real filename into the modules __file__ attribute, so that source code can be displayed in stacktraces.

  • ll.astyle has been fixed to work with the current trunk version of IPython.

Changes in 1.6 (released 11/08/2006)

  • ll.url now supports ssh URLs which are files on remote hosts. This requires py.execnet. Most of the file data and metadata handling has been rewritten to support the requirements of ssh URLs.

  • ll.make.ModeAction and ll.make.OwnerAction are subclasses of ll.make.ExternalAction now. This means they will execute even in “infoonly” mode.

  • Fixed a bug in ll.make.JoinAction.get().

  • Remove the pid file for ll.sisyphus.Job() when a KeyboardInterrupt happens and we’re running on Python 2.5.

  • Fixed a longstanding bug in ll.sisyphus.Job() which resulted in the pid file not being written in certain situations.

  • ll.daemon.Daemon now allows to switch the group too.

Changes in 1.5 (released 09/24/2006)

Changes in 1.4 (released 08/23/2006)

  • A new module has been added: ll.daemon can be used on UNIX to fork a daemon running.

Changes in 1.3.2 (released 07/25/2006)

  • ll.make.ModuleAction now normalizes line feeds, so that this action can now be used directly on Windows too.

Changes in 1.3.1 (released 07/06/2006)

  • An option showinfoonly has been added to ll.make.Project (defaulting to False). This option determines whether actions that run in infoonly mode are reported or not.

Changes in 1.3 (released 06/28/2006)

  • ll.make has been rewritten. Now there’s no longer a distinction between Targets and Actions. Actions can be chained more easily and creating an action and registering it with the project are two separate steps. Actions can no longer be shared, as each action stores its own input actions (but output actions are not stored). “Ids” have been renamed to “keys” (and DBID/OracleID to DBKey/OracleKey). ImportAction has been renamed to ModuleAction and can now turn any string into a module.

  • In ll.url modification dates for local files now include microseconds (if the OS supports it).

  • A class Queue has been added to ll.misc which provides FIFO queues.

  • A decorator withdoc() has been added to ll.misc that sets the docstring on the function it decorates.

  • setuptools is now supported for installation.

Changes in 1.2 (released 12/13/2005)

  • None is now allowed as a proper data object in ll.make actions.

  • ll.xpit now supports conditionals (i.e. the new processing instruction targets if, elif, else and endif. Now there must be a space after the target name.

Changes in 1.1.1 (released 11/15/2005)

Changes in 1.1 (released 10/31/2005)

  • ll.make.TOXICAction no longer takes an encoding argument in the constructor, but works on unicode strings directly.

  • Two new actions (DecodeAction and EncodeAction) have been added to ll.make.

Changes in 1.0.2 (released 10/24/2005)

  • Fixed a bug in ll.make.Project.destroy() that broke the recreate() method.

Changes in 1.0.1 (released 10/18/2005)

  • Fixed a bug in ll.make.Project.__contains__.()

Changes in 1.0 (released 10/13/2005)

  • This package now contains the following modules, that have been distributed as separate packages previously: ansistyle, color, make, misc (which contains the stuff from the old ll package), sisyphus, url and xpit.

  • ll.misc.Iterator now has a method get() that will return a default value when the iterator doesn’t have the appropriate item.

  • In ll.make the output has been fixed: The showactionfull flag is checked before the showaction flag and target id’s will always be output in this mode.

Changes in the old core package

Changes in ll-core 0.3 (released 05/24/2005)

  • Functions will now no longer be turned into staticmethod() objects automatically when used in a Namespace.

  • The iterator tools from ll.xist.xfind (item(), first(), last(), count() and Iterator) have been move here, as they are in no way specific to XIST.

  • A test suite has been added.

  • The wrapper function returned by notimplemented() will now have an attribute __wrapped__ that points back to the original function.

Changes in ll-core 0.2.1 (released 01/21/2005)

  • __getitem__() now raises a KeyError if the attribute doesn’t exist.

Changes in ll-core 0.2 (released 01/11/2005)

  • Namespace now has a __getitem__() method, so a Namespace class can be used in a call to the eval() function.

Changes in ll-core 0.1 (released 01/03/2005)

  • Initial release

Changes in ll-ansistyle

Changes in ll-ansistyle 1.1 (released 06/28/2005)

  • The methods pushcolor() and popcolor() have been resurrected. Without them switching to a new color and back would have to be done in a single call to feed().

Changes in ll-ansistyle 1.0 (released 06/08/2005)

  • ll.ansistyle has been completely reimplemented to use an iterator interface instead of a stream interface.

  • Support for underlined and blinking text has been added.

  • A py.test based test suite has been added.

Changes in ll-ansistyle 0.6.1 (released 03/22/2005)

  • Added a note about the package init file to the installation documentation.

Changes in ll-ansistyle 0.6 (released 01/03/2005)

  • ansistyle requires the core module and Python 2.4 now.

Changes in ll-ansistyle 0.5 (released 05/21/2004)

  • Text has been derived from list directly, so it inherits all list methods.

  • The method getcolor() has been dropped. The class attribute color is used now instead.

Changes in ll-ansistyle 0.4 (released 07/31/2003)

  • The names of the methods pushColor(), popColor(), getColor() and escapeChar() have been changed to lowercase.

  • ansistyle requires Python 2.3 now.

Changes in ll-ansistyle 0.3.1 (released 11/14/2002)

  • Added source code encodings to all Python files.

Changes in ll-ansistyle 0.3 (released 08/27/2002)

  • ansistyle has been moved to the ll package.

Changes in ll-ansistyle 0.2.2 (released 02/12/2002)

  • Fixed a bug in Text.insert().

Changes in ll-ansistyle 0.2.1 (released 04/11/2001)

  • ansistyle now compiles under Windows with Visual C++. A binary distribution archive is available from the FTP directory.

Changes in ll-ansistyle 0.2 (released 04/02/2001)

  • ansistyle now supports background colors. You can specify the background color via the bits 4-7 of the color, i.e. for the background color b = 0,…,7, and the foreground color f=0,…,15 the color value is (b<<4)|f.

Changes in ll-ansistyle 0.1.1 (released 03/21/2001)

  • Fixed a minor bug in ansistyle.Text.__repr__()

Changes in ll-ansistyle 0.1 (released 02/18/2001)

  • Initial release

Changes in ll-color

Changes in ll-color 0.3.1 (released 03/22/2005)

  • Added a note about the package init file to the installation documentation.

Changes in ll-color 0.3 (released 01/21/2005)

  • Two new methods (abslum() and rellum()) have been added that return a color with modified luminosity.

Changes in ll-color 0.2 (released 01/03/2005)

  • color requires the core module and Python 2.4 now.

  • Various bug fixes.

Changes in ll-color 0.1.1 (released 05/07/2004)

  • Fixed a bug in the css property.

Changes in ll-color 0.1 (released 05/07/2004)

  • Initial release.

Changes in ll-make

Changes in ll-make 1.1.2 (released 10/04/2005)

  • Fixed a bug in the handling of color environment variables.

Changes in ll-make 1.1.1 (released 09/02/2005)

  • Specifying colors via environment variables now works.

  • It’s possible to specify a default for the show... options via environment variables.

  • CacheAction now drops the data in its clear() method.

Changes in ll-make 1.1 (released 09/01/2005)

  • New action classes have been added: PickleAction, UnpickleAction, NullAction and CacheAction.

  • During calls to Target.clear() and Target.dirty() the action methods with the same name are now called.

Changes in ll-make 1.0 (released 08/29/2005)

  • Target objects may now cache the objects that they create, so it can be reused for different outputs.

  • The Action chain has been split into four chains that will be used in different situations. Each target has an internal and external representation (e.g. the Python str object (the internal representation), that is the content of a file (the external representation). The read chain creates the internal representation from the external one, the write chain creates the external representation from the internal one. The convert chain converts between different internal representations. The use chain is called when external and internal representation exist and are up to date.

  • The internal representation of a target is now available via the method getdata().

  • Importing Python modules is now done via an ImportAction.

  • ImportAction and UseModuleAction can be used to automatically track module dependencies.

  • During build operations the currently “running” project is available as ll.make.currentproject.

  • Two new action classes are available: SelectMainAction and JoinOrderedAction, which can be used to select the input data at the start of a convert chain.

Changes in ll-make 0.26 (released 05/29/2005)

  • Uses ansistyle 1.1 now.

  • Introduced a new Action class named ChainedAction that consists of a list of other actions. Each Target now only has one action to update this target, but this action might be a ChainedAction. Action objects can be added (which results in a ChainedAction).

Changes in ll-make 0.25 (released 05/20/2005)

  • make is compatible with XIST 2.10 now.

Changes in ll-make 0.24 (released 04/11/2005)

  • XPITAction now works if there is no namespace available. In this case only the global namespace will be passed to the expressions.

Changes in ll-make 0.23.1 (released 03/22/2005)

  • Added a note about the package init file to the installation documentation.

Changes in ll-make 0.23 (released 02/14/2005)

  • Actions can now be displayed during the make process in two ways: a short name (this uses the method desc()) and a longer description (using the method fulldesc()). You can activate the full description via the command line option -vf and deactivate it with -vF. In interactive mode you can use the attribute showactionsfull.

Changes in ll-make 0.22 (released 01/21/2005)

  • XPITAction will now pass the project, target and action to the embedded Python expression as global variables.

Changes in ll-make 0.21 (released 01/19/2005)

  • An action class XPITAction has been added for use with ll.xpit.

  • Setting a project dirty (so that out-of-dateness will be rechecked) has been factored into a separate method.

Changes in ll-make 0.20 (released 01/03/2005)

  • make requires the core module and Python 2.4 now.

Changes in ll-make 0.19.1 (released 11/26/2004)

  • Fixed print of tracebacks when ignoreerrors is true.

Changes in ll-make 0.19 (released 10/29/2004)

  • ll.make is compatible with XIST 2.6 now (and incompatible with XIST 2.5).

Changes in ll-make 0.18.2 (released 10/12/2004)

  • Retry with absolute and real URLs in __candidates() even if the argument is already an ll.url.URL object. This works around an URL normalization bug under Windows.

Changes in ll-make 0.18.1 (released 08/27/2004)

  • Target.actions is now a list instead of a tuple.

Changes in ll-make 0.18 (released 07/06/2004)

  • Added a new action class TOXICPrettifyAction that uses the new prettify() function introduced in ll.toxic version 0.3.

Changes in ll-make 0.17 (released 06/02/2004)

  • Renamed OracleTarget to DBTarget.

  • Reporting PhonyTarget objects has been moved to a separate method named reportphonytargets().

Changes in ll-make 0.16 (released 05/31/2004)

  • The method buildWithArgs() has been dropped. Use buildwithargs() now.

  • Argument parsing has been made extensible. The method optionparser() must return an instance of optparse.OptionParser. The method parseoptions() parses the argument sequence passed in (defaults to sys.argv[1:] and returns a tuple with (values, args) (just like optparse.OptionParser.parse_args() does).

  • The arguments ignoreerrors, color, maxinputreport have been removed from the Project constructor. If you really need different values for these, simply change the attributes after creating the Project object.

  • Project.__getitem__() and Project.__contains__() now recognize database ids.

Changes in ll-make 0.15.1 (released 05/25/2004)

  • Fixed formatting bugs in OracleReadResource.

Changes in ll-make 0.15 (released 05/25/2004)

  • There’s a new option -vl that reports the recursion level as an indentation during the build process. This makes it easier to see, what depends on what. The indentation per level can be specified with the environment variable LL_MAKE_INDENT.

  • The environment variable MAKE_REPRANSI has been renamed to LL_MAKE_REPRANSI.

Changes in ll-make 0.14.2 (released 05/25/2004)

  • If a target has prerequisites, the time to rebuild those will be reported in the progress report too (if time reporting is on (via the option -vt)).

  • Fix a bug in XISTPublishAction.

Changes in ll-make 0.14.1 (released 05/21/2004)

  • The default color for output has been removed.

  • In the progress report URLs relative to the home directory are now tried too to find the shortest URL for display.

  • Fix a bug in JoinedReadAction and various other bugs.

Changes in ll-make 0.14 (released 05/20/2004)

  • Actions have been made much more atomic and flexible. For each target a chain of actions will be executed. The first action loads the file. The next actions transform the content, after that an action will save the result to a file. Finally other actions can modify this file (what has formerly been known as “secondary actions”).

    For example: to transform an XIST file now you need a ReadAction, a XISTParseAction, a XISTConvertAction, a XISTPublishAction and a WriteAction. The base URL`s for parsing and publishing have been moved from :class:`XISTTarget to XISTParseAction and XISTPublishAction.

  • DBID has been rewritten. For Oracle DBID objects it’s possible to read and write functions and procedures via a file-like interface.

  • Support for Apache FOP and ll-toxic has been added.

  • The Target methods sources() and targets() have been renamed to inputs() and outputs() (related methods have been renamed too).

  • The options for selecting the verbosity of the progress report have been combined into one option -v.

  • The progress report tries to shorten URLs by displaying relative URLs (relative to the current directory) if those are shorter (which they usually are).

Changes in ll-make 0.13.1 (released 05/05/2004)

  • Fixed a small bug in Project.__contains__().

Changes in ll-make 0.13 (released 01/12/2004)

  • Now after the build the import cache ll.url.importcache will be restored to the state before the call. This fixes a bug, where a module that was loaded from another module (not as a PythonTarget), didn’t get cleared from the import cache.

Changes in ll-make 0.12 (released 01/02/2004)

  • Adapted to XIST 2.4. XISTTarget now has two attributes parser and publisher which will be used by XISTAction for parsing and publishing targets.

  • Changed the assertions that check that XISTAction, CopyAction and SplatAction have only one source into exceptions.

  • Project.__getitem__() and related methods will now only try absolute file paths, if the URL really is local.

  • Dropped the deprecated project method has().

  • For parsing the command line option optparse is used now instead of getopt.

Changes in ll-make 0.11.7 (released 12/15/2003)

  • When building a target fails, the file will now only be removed if it exists.

Changes in ll-make 0.11.6 (released 12/08/2003)

  • Remove the module from the import cache in PythonTarget.clear(), so that the module will be reloaded when Project.recreate() is used.

  • Made compatible with XIST 2.3.

Changes in ll-make 0.11.5 (released 12/06/2003)

  • Now when a project is rebuilt, all loaded Python modules will be removed from the import cache before rebuilding commences. This should fix intermodule dependencies.

Changes in ll-make 0.11.4 (released 12/06/2003)

  • Added methods itersources(), itertargets(), itersourcedeps() and itertargetdeps() to the Target class.

Changes in ll-make 0.11.3 (released 11/22/2003)

  • __getitem__() and __contains__() of the Project class now first try with an absolute filename and then with the real filename (i.e. all links resolved).

Changes in ll-make 0.11.2 (released 08/06/2003)

  • A few of the Project attributes have been renamed to avoid name clashes when a class was derived from Project and ll.sisyphus.Job.

Changes in ll-make 0.11.1 (released 08/01/2003)

  • Fixed a bug in Timestamps were not cleared on the second call to build() when the first one had failed.

  • Timestamp handling was broken. Timestamps from the filesystem were in UTC, but the timestamp set after calls to Target.update() were in local time. This has been fixed now.

Changes in ll-make 0.11 (released 07/31/2003)

  • Calling the XIST conversion in XISTAction has been moved from execute() to a new method convert() to be easier to customize.

  • make requires Python 2.3 now.

Changes in ll-make 0.10 (released 07/02/2003)

  • Targets will now be removed when building them fails.

Changes in ll-make 0.9.5 (released 05/02/2003)

  • Project.__getitem__() now retries with a canonical filename (i.e. the result of the real()) before giving up.

Changes in ll-make 0.9.4 (released 04/24/2003)

  • All primary actions now make sure that the output file is removed when an error happens. The next call to a make script will again try to generate the output instead of silently skipping the half finished (but seemingly up to date) file.

Changes in ll-make 0.9.3 (released 04/23/2003)

  • Use the enhanced import_() method from ll.url 0.7.

  • Add a doc attribute to PhonyTarget which can be used in help messages (e.g. when buildWithArgs() is called without arguments).

Changes in ll-make 0.9.2 (released 04/15/2003)

  • Fixed a small bug in the deprecated Project.has().

Changes in ll-make 0.9.1 (released 03/11/2003)

  • Fixed a small bug in Target.lastmodified().

Changes in ll-make 0.9 (released 03/10/2003)

  • Generating a Publisher in an XISTAction has been moved to a separate method publisher().

  • Each target can now be assigned a sequence of actions. There are new action classes ModeAction and OwnerAction that change the access permissions or owner of a file that has been created by a previous action in an action sequence.

  • Updated the timestamp functionality so that with Python 2.3 the datetime module will be used for timestamps.

Changes in ll-make 0.8 (released 03/03/2003)

  • The project method has() has been deprecated. Use has_key() or the new __contains__() for that. This means that all dictionary access method try strings, URLs and absolute URLs now.

  • Populating a project can now be done in the overwritable method create(). There is a new method clear() which removes all targets from the project. Use the method recreate() to recreate a project, i.e. call clear() and create().

Changes in ll-make 0.7 (released 02/26/2003)

  • Made compatible with XIST 1.5 again: prefixes is only passed to the parser, when it is not None.

  • has() and has_key() have been changed to do the same as __getitem__(), i.e. retry with an URL or absolute URL in case of an error.

  • build() can now be called multiple times and will reset timestamp information on all subsequent calls. This makes it possible to rerun a build process without having to recreate the project with its targets and dependencies (provided that no targets have to be added or removed).

Changes in ll-make 0.6.1 (released 02/14/2003)

  • XISTTarget has new attributes parser, handler and prefixes that can be specified in the constructor and will be used for parsing.

Changes in ll-make 0.6 (released 11/20/2002)

  • Project.__getitem__() now raises an UndefinedTargetError exception with the original key if retrying with an URL object fails.

  • The methods Target.sources() and Target.targets() have been changed to return the Target objects instead of the Dep objects. The old functionality is still available as Target.sourcedeps() and Target.targetdeps(). The same has been done for the method Target.newerSources() (and the method name has been made lowercase).

Changes in ll-make 0.5 (released 11/13/2002)

  • Project is derived from dict now.

  • Calling Project.buildWithArgs() with an empty argument list now lists all PhonyTarget objects.

Changes in ll-make 0.4.2 (released 11/11/2002)

  • Added a new target class JavaPropAction, for Java property files.

  • Added a __len__() to the Project class.

Changes in ll-make 0.4.1 (released 10/25/2002)

  • Added a new action class SplatAction, that can be used for replacing strings in files.

  • Speed up dependency creation by adding slot declarations.

Changes in ll-make 0.4 (released 08/27/2002)

  • Adapted to XIST 2.0.

Changes in ll-make 0.3.2 (released 06/16/2002)

  • Work around a problem with unicode objects in sys.path. This workaround will disappear as soon as Python 2.3 is released.

  • Use the method doPublication() for publishing nodes. (This requires XIST 1.4.4.)

Changes in ll-make 0.3.1 (released 03/28/2002)

  • Added a warning when the id of a new target already exists in the project, i.e. when the target is redefined.

  • Added a warning for file modification timestamps from the future.

Changes in ll-make 0.3 (released 03/18/2002)

  • Now url.URL is used everywhere instead of fileutils.Filename

Changes in ll-make 0.2.3 (released 02/22/2002)

  • Added a new class DBID that can be used as an id for database content.

  • Ported to Python 2.2

Changes in ll-make 0.2.2 (released 01/25/2001)

  • Verbosity can now be specified via several Project constructor arguments.

  • Action.converter() now sets the attribute makeaction on the returned Converter object.

Changes in ll-make 0.2.1 (released 10/03/2001)

  • Support for the root paramenter for the convert() method in XISTAction.

Changes in ll-make 0.2 (released 10/02/2001)

  • Dependencies now have a type (a subclass of Dep). This allows to mark certain dependencies as “special”.

  • can now be called with a Target or a filename as a string.

Changes in ll-make 0.1 (released 07/27/2001)

  • Initial release.

Changes in ll-sisyphus

Changes in ll-sisyphus 0.10.1 (released 03/22/2005)

  • Added a note about the package init file to the installation documentation.

Changes in ll-sisyphus 0.10 (released 01/03/2005)

  • sisyphus requires the core module and Python 2.4 now.

Changes in ll-sisyphus 0.9.1 (released 04/28/2004)

  • Fixed a bug related to logging empty strings.

Changes in ll-sisyphus 0.9 (released 11/13/2003)

  • Lowercased the constructor arguments maxRuntime, raiseErrors and printKills.

  • When the job is started it checks whether it’s predecessor is still running (i.e. it checks whether the pid from the run file really exists).

  • Added a method logErrorOnly() that writes to the error log only (this is used when the message about a job still running is written to the error log, so the progress log from the previous job execution won’t be disturbed).

  • The loop log now contains the exception value in case of an error.

Changes in ll-sisyphus 0.8 (released 07/31/2003)

  • sisyphus now uses and requires Python 2.3.

  • The logging methods can now log everything. If the logged object is not a string, pprint is used for formatting.

  • The number of seconds is now properly formatted with hours, minutes and seconds in the logfiles.

  • A few methods have been lowercased.

  • When a job fails the method failed() is called now. This gives the job the change to clean up.

Changes in ll-sisyphus 0.7 (released 03/11/2003)

  • sisyphus now uses the ll.url module, ll.fileutils is no longer required.

Changes in ll-sisyphus 0.6.2 (released 12/03/2002)

  • error reports are now logged to the process log too.

Changes in ll-sisyphus 0.6.1 (released 09/10/2002)

  • The Job constructor has a new argument printKills which specifies whether killing a previous job should be printed (i.e. mailed from cron).

Changes in ll-sisyphus 0.6 (released 08/27/2002)

  • sisyphus has been moved to the ll package.

Changes in ll-sisyphus 0.5.3 (released 05/07/2002)

  • Derive Job from object to be able to use new style classes in mixins in subclasses.

Changes in ll-sisyphus 0.5.2 (released 07/19/2001)

  • Made compatible with fileutils 0.2.

Changes in ll-sisyphus 0.5.1 (released 04/12/2001)

Changes in ll-sisyphus 0.5 (released 03/29/2001)

  • The Job constructor has a new parameter raiseErrors. When set to true exceptions will not only be written to the logfile but raised, which results in a output to the terminal and an email from the cron daemon.

Changes in ll-sisyphus 0.4 (released 03/26/2001)

  • The class LogFile has been moved to a seperate module named fileutils.

Changes in ll-sisyphus 0.3 (released 02/16/2001)

  • Initial public release

Changes in ll-url

Changes in ll-url 0.15.1 (released 03/22/2005)

  • Added a note about the package init file to the installation documentation.

Changes in ll-url 0.15 (released 02/24/2005)

  • The mimetype property of ReadResource is no longer a tuple, but a plain string.

  • ReadResource has a new property encoding, which is the character encoding of the resource.

  • A bug in the lastmodified property of WriteResource has been fixed.

Changes in ll-url 0.14.2 (released 02/22/2005)

  • url.URL("file:foo/").local() will now always end in a directory separator. This didn’t work on Windows before.

Changes in ll-url 0.14.1 (released 01/13/2005)

  • On Windows url.File("c:\\foo").abs() generated URL('file:///C|/foo'). Now the result will always be URL('file:/C|/foo'). The same fix has been made for real() and the constructor.

Changes in ll-url 0.14 (released 01/03/2005)

  • url requires the core module and Python 2.4 now.

Changes in ll-url 0.13 (released 11/25/2004)

  • The helper function _unescape() will now interpret %u escapes (produced by Microsoft software). The patch has been contributed by Artiom Morozov.

Changes in ll-url 0.12.1 (released 11/03/2004)

  • Fixed a bug in the C helper function _unescape() (forget to clear the exception).

  • Dropped the system default encoding from the list of encodings that will be tried when UTF-8 fails in _unescape().

Changes in ll-url 0.12 (released 01/12/2004)

  • removefromimportcache() has been dropped, now you can assign the import cache directly (as the module level attribute importcache. Removing modules from the import cache can now be done via url.importcache.remove(mod).

Changes in ll-url 0.11.7 (released 12/23/2003)

  • Fixed a bug in Path.real() that only surfaced on Windows.

Changes in ll-url 0.11.6 (released 12/06/2003)

  • Added a function removefromimportcache().

Changes in ll-url 0.11.5 (released 11/22/2003)

  • Fixed a bug with the scheme argument of the methods real() and abs().

Changes in ll-url 0.11.4 (released 11/19/2003)

  • realurl has been renamed to finalurl and now works for local URLs too (it will be the same as the original URL).

Changes in ll-url 0.11.3 (released 11/17/2003)

  • Added an attribute realurl to ReadResource which contains the real URL (which might be different from the URL passed to the constructor, because of a redirect).

Changes in ll-url 0.11.2 (released 11/17/2003)

  • URLs that have an authority part but a relative path will be properly formatted, i.e. the leading / will be included.

Changes in ll-url 0.11.1 (released 08/13/2003)

  • The URL method rename() has been fixed.

  • A bug has been fixed that created relative paths for HTTP URLs that didn’t have a trailing /.

Changes in ll-url 0.11 (released 08/04/2003)

  • A method withoutfrag() has been added. withFragment() has been renamed to withfrag() and the property fragment has been renamed to frag.

Changes in ll-url 0.10 (released 07/31/2003)

  • url requires Python 2.3 now.

  • The method insert has been fixed.

Changes in ll-url 0.9.1 (released 07/17/2003)

  • Fixed a bug that drops the filename in relative() when both URLs have the same filenames but a different query.

  • The fragment is now properly escaped when the URL is regenerated.

Changes in ll-url 0.9 (released 07/09/2003)

  • withExt() and friends have been lowercased.

  • The path has been changed from a string to an object of the new class Path. This new class provides many of the path related functionality of URLs.

  • The method URL.import_() no longer uses the import machinery (from the imp module), but execfile(). This has the following consequences:

    • You can only import files with the extension .py.

    • The imported module no longer retains deleted attributes of the previous version.

    • The file will be compiled even if a bytecode file exists.

Changes in ll-url 0.8 (released 06/04/2003)

  • Added methods abs() and __rdiv__() to URL.

  • The method real() now has an argument scheme that specifies which scheme should the use for the resulting URL.

  • Now the query part of an URL will be parsed into the attribute query_parts (which is a dictionary). If the query can’t be parsed, query_parts will be False, but query will still contain the complete query part.

Changes in ll-url 0.7.1 (released 05/01/2003)

  • Made clearimportcache() a class method.

Changes in ll-url 0.7 (released 04/23/2003)

  • Introduced local() as a synonym for asFilename(), Dir() as a synonym for Dirname() and File() as a synonym for Filename().

  • Added functions first(), firstdir() and firstfile(), that returns the first URL from a list that exists, is a directory or a file.

  • The method import_() uses a cache now. Different caching strategies can be chosen through the mode parameter.

Changes in ll-url 0.6.2 (released 03/07/2002)

  • The method real() checked whether the referenced file really is a directory. This has the problem that the directory/file must exist. Now the directoryness of the URL itself is used.

Changes in ll-url 0.6.1 (released 03/06/2002)

  • Fixed a bug in chown(): Attributes are not available for pwd.getpwnam() and grp.getgrnam() results under Python 2.2. Use the tuple entry instead.

  • Added methods mtime(), atime() and size() to URL.

Changes in ll-url 0.6 (released 03/05/2002)

  • Now all arguments for walk() default to False.

  • Added new convenience methods walkfiles() and walkdirs().

  • An URL can now be iterated. This is equivalent to walk(dirsbefore=True, files=True).

  • Many functions from os and os.path have been added as methods to ll.url. This was inspired by Jason Orendorff’s path module.

  • The method import_() is now available in the URL class too.

  • When Python 2.3 is used timestamp will now be datetime.datetime objects and mx.DateTime is no longer required. With Python 2.2 mx.DateTime will still be used.

Changes in ll-url 0.5.1 (released 01/07/2002)

  • Added a LICENSE file.

Changes in ll-url 0.5 (released 11/14/2002)

  • WriteResource has been largely rewritten to elminate the overhead of calls the write(). Access to properties might be a little slower now, because WriteResource has been optimized for maximum writing speed.

  • Added source code encoding statements to the Python files.

Changes in ll-url 0.4.3 (released 11/11/2002)

  • Fixed a refcounting leak in the new version of _normalizepath().

Changes in ll-url 0.4.2 (released 11/08/2002)

  • _normalizepath() has been reimplemented in C for performance reasons.

Changes in ll-url 0.4.1 (released 10/29/2002)

  • ReadResource and WriteResource now have a method import_(), that imports the file as a Python module (ignoring the file extension).

Changes in ll-url 0.4 (released 10/18/2002)

  • Added a HOWTO file.

  • Made the docstrings compatible with XIST 2.0.

  • The imagesize property now raises an IOError if the PIL is not available.

Changes in ll-url 0.3.1 (released 09/09/2002)

  • WriteResource will now generate an empty file, even if write() is never called. This is checked in close().

  • WriteResource gained a destructor that will call close().

Changes in ll-url 0.3 (released 08/27/2002)

  • url has been moved to the ll package.

Changes in ll-url 0.2 (released 06/18/2002)

  • _escape() now always uses unicode strings. 8bit strings will be converted to unicode before the UTF-8 version will be encoded.

  • _unescape() now always emits unicode strings. If the UTF-8 decoding does not work, the system default encoding will be tried, and finally Latin-1 will be used.

  • _escape() and _unescape() have been rewritten in C for performance reasons.

Changes in ll-url 0.1.8 (released 05/07/2002)

  • Illegal % escapes now only issue a warning and will be used literally when the warning framework doesn’t raise an exception.

Changes in ll-url 0.1.7 (released 04/30/2002)

  • Removed the illegal scheme handling change from 0.1.6 again. Now this has to be done before constructing an URL.

Changes in ll-url 0.1.6 (released 04/26/2002)

  • Now when the parser discovers an illegal scheme, you get another chance: Beginning whitespace will be stripped and it will be retried.

Changes in ll-url 0.1.5 (released 04/25/2002)

  • Fixed a bug in __div__(): Now URL("http://foo/bar")/"/baz" works.

Changes in ll-url 0.1.4 (released 04/15/2002)

  • When assigning to the url property, the scheme will now only be set when it consists of legal characters. This means that parsing /foo.php?x= won’t try to set a scheme /foo.php?x=http, but will use an empty scheme.

Changes in ll-url 0.1.3 (released 04/09/2002)

  • Make ext and file work with opaque URLs.

  • Forgot the make resdata assignable. Fixed.

  • Now the scheme to be used can be specified for the various filename functions.

  • Added a method withFragment() that returns a copy of the URL with a new fragment.

  • Use the email package instead of rfc822 for formatdate().

  • No longer quote [ and ] to be compatible with the ezt templates from ViewCVS.

  • When joining URLs the right hand URL no longer inherits the scheme, if it has not scheme, but the path is absolute:

    >>> url.URL("root:foo.html")/url.URL("/cgi-bin/")

Changes in ll-url 0.1.2 (released 03/26/2002)

  • Fixed a bug in URL.__eq__() and URL.__hash__(): query and fragment were not used. This has been fixed.

Changes in ll-url 0.1.1 (released 03/20/2002)

  • Fixed a bug in ReadResource.contentlength, which tried to convert the stat() result to a DateTime object.

Changes in ll-url 0.1 (released 03/18/2002)

  • Initial release

Changes in ll-xpit

Changes in ll-xpit 0.2.1 (released 03/22/2005)

  • Added a note about the package init file to the installation documentation.

Changes in ll-xpit 0.2 (released 01/21/2005)

  • convert() now takes both a global and a local namespace and will raise an exception when an unknown processing instruction target is encountered.

Changes in ll-xpit 0.1 (released 01/19/2005)

  • Initial release.

Changes to ll-orasql

Changes in ll-orasql 1.27.1 (released 03/31/2009)

  • Fixed a bug in the dependency checking for Connnection.itertables().

  • oradelete now has a new option to use truncate table instead of delete from.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.27 (released 03/31/2009)

  • Added a new script oradelete that can be used to delete all records from all tables and to reset all sequences.

  • Connection has a new method itersequences().

  • Fixed a bug in the generated SQl code for triggers (the name always included the name of the original schema).

Changes in ll-orasql 1.26 (released 03/27/2009)

  • ll.orasql now requires cx_Oracle 5.0 compiled in Unicode mode (i.e. with WITH_UNICODE=1). Lots of unicode handling stuff has been rewritten to take advantage of Unicode mode.

  • orafind has a new option --encoding to decode the searchstring on the commandline.

  • The Pool constructor now supports the additional arguments getmode and homogeneous from cx_Oracle 5.0.

  • Fix a typo in Privilege.grantddl().

Changes in ll-orasql 1.25.4 (released 01/21/2009)

  • Procedures and functions with timestamp arguments can now be called.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.25.3 (released 11/07/2008)

  • Procedures and functions now should handle arguments of type BLOB correctly.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.25.2 (released 08/29/2008)

  • Record has a new method get() which works like the dictionary method get().

Changes in ll-orasql 1.25.1 (released 07/21/2008)

  • now has an additional options readlobs (defaulting to false). If this option is set, the value of LOBs in the records found, will be printed.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.25 (released 06/17/2008)

  • A new script has been added: will search for a specified string in all columns of all tables in a schema.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.24.1 (released 05/30/2008)

  • Fixed two bugs in Callable._calcargs() and Connection.getobject().

Changes in ll-orasql 1.24 (released 05/20/2008)

  • Connection.getobject(), Procedure and Function now support functions and procedures in packages.

  • Added __repr__() to the exception classes.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.23.4 (released 04/04/2008)

  • All database scripts now have an additional option encoding that specifies the encoding for the output script.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.23.3 (released 04/03/2008)

  • Fixed a regression in the scripts, and

Changes in ll-orasql 1.23.2 (released 04/01/2008)

  • When calling functions/procedures, arguments are now wrapped in variable objects for their real type instead of ones for the type the function or procedure expects.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.23.1 (released 03/25/2008)

  • Added a __contains__() to Record for checking the existence of a field.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.23 (released 03/25/2008)

  • Calling procedures and functions has been rewritten: ll.orasql will only pass those parameters to the procedure/function that are passed to the call (or variables for out parameters). Internally this is handled by executing the call as a parameterized query calling the procedure/function with named arguments.

  • FetchRecord has been renamed to Record (and is used for the result of procedure and function calls now, which required some internal changes to FetchRecord). The former Record has been renamed to Args as its only use now is collecting arguments for procedure/function calls. (The method fromdata() has been dropped.)

  • The __repr__() output of Argument objects now shows the datatype.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.22 (released 03/19/2008)

  • Added a new method _getobject() to Connection that does what getobject() does, but is case sensitive (This is used internally by Synonym.getobject()).

  • The methods xfetchone(), xfetchmany(), xfetchall(), xfetch(), xexecute() and xexecutemany() have been dropped again. Fetch result objects are now of type FetchRecord. Field access is available via index (i.e. row[0]), key (row["name"]) and attribute ( These result objects are generated via the rowfactory attribute (which was added in cx_Oracle 4.3.2). All fetch and execute methods support unicode values.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.21.1 (released 03/17/2008)

  • Updated the scripts to work with the new execute methods.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.21 (released 03/13/2008)

  • Connection has a new method getobject(), which returns the schema object with a specified name.

  • Synonym has a new method getobject(), that returns the object for which the Synonym object is a synonym.

  • The name of Procedure and Function objects now is case sensitive when calling the procedure or function.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.20 (released 02/07/2008)

  • The fancy fetch methods have been renamed to xfetchone(), xfetchmany(), xfetchall() and xfetch(). __iter__() no longer gets overwritten. New methods xexecute() and xexecutemany() have been added, that support passing unicode parameters.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.19 (released 02/01/2008)

  • All docstrings use ReST now.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.18 (released 01/07/2008)

  • Updated the docstrings to XIST 3.0.

  • Added ReST versions of the documentation.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.17.5 (released 08/09/2007)

  • Fixed a bug in the error handling of wrong arguments when calling functions or procedures.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.17.4 (released 04/30/2007)

  • The threshold for string length for procedure and function arguments has been reduced to 4000.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.17.3 (released 03/08/2007)

  • BLOB arguments for procedures and functions are always passed as variables now.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.17.2 (released 03/07/2007)

  • Arguments for procedures and functions that are longer that 32000 characters are passed as variables now (the threshold was 32768 before and didn’t work).

Changes in ll-orasql 1.17.1 (released 03/02/2007)

  • Fix an inverted logic bug in Record.fromdata() that surfaced in unicode mode: BLOBs were treated as string and CLOBs as binary data.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.17 (released 02/23/2007)

  • The readlobs and unicode parameters are now honored when calling procedures and functions via Procedure and Function objects.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.16 (released 02/21/2007)

  • A parameter unicode has been added to various constructors and methods. This parameter can be used to get strings (i.e. VARCHAR2 and CLOBs) as unicode object instead of str objects.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.15 (released 02/17/2007)

  • Fixed an output bug in when running in full output mode.

  • A parameter readlobs has been added to various constructors and methods that can be used to get small (or all) LOB values as strings in cursor fetch calls.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.14 (released 02/01/2007)

  • A new method iterprivileges() has been added to Connection.

  • A script has been added for copying privileges.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.13 (released 11/06/2006)

  • Two new methods (itertables() and iterfks()) have been added to Connection. They yield all table definitions or all foreign keys respectively.

  • A new method isenabled() has been added to ForeignKey.

  • A __str__() method has been added to Object.

  • A bug in has been fixed: In certain situations used merging actions that were meant to be used for the preceeding object.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.12.2 (released 10/18/2006)

  • Fixed a bug that showed up when an index and a foreign key of the same name existed.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.12.1 (released 09/19/2006)

  • Fixed a bug in Index.__xattrs__().

Changes in ll-orasql 1.12 (released 09/06/2006)

  • Function objects are now callable too. They return the return value and a Record containing the modified input parameters.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.11.1 (released 08/29/2006)

  • Fixed a bug in Column.modifyddl().

Changes in ll-orasql 1.11 (released 08/22/2006)

  • The class Column has gained a few new methods: datatype(), default(), nullable() and comment().

  • Calling a procedure will now raise a SQLObjectNotFoundError error, if the procedure doesn’t exist.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.10 (released 08/11/2006)

  • The classes Proc and LLProc have been removed. The functionality of Proc has been merged into ProcedureDefinition (with has been renamed to Procedure). Information about the procedure arguments is provided by the iteraguments() method.

  • All other subclasses of Definition have been renamed to remove the “Definition” for the name to reduce typing. (Methods have been renamed accordingly too.)</li>

  • oramerge.main() and oradiff.main() now accept option arrays as arguments.

  • has finally been fixed.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.9.4 (released 08/09/2006)

  • Fixed a bug in

Changes in ll-orasql 1.9.3 (released 08/08/2006)

  • Fixed a bug in

Changes in ll-orasql 1.9.2 (released 08/04/2006)

  • Fixed a bug in TableDefinition.iterdefinitions().

Changes in ll-orasql 1.9.1 (released 08/02/2006)

  • Fixed a bug in

Changes in ll-orasql 1.9 (released 07/24/2006)

  • Dependencies involving MaterializedViewDefinition and IndexDefinition objects generated by constraints work properly now, so that iterating all definitions in create order really results in a working SQL script.

  • A method table() has been added to PKDefinition, FKDefinition, UniqueDefinition and IndexDefinition. This method returns the TableDefinition to object belongs to.

  • A method pk() has been added to FKDefinition. It returns the primary key that this foreign key references.

  • Indexes and constraints belonging to skipped tables are now skipped too in

  • Arguments other than sys.argv[1:] can now be passed to the and main() functions.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.8.1 (released 07/17/2006)

  • ll.orasql can now handle objects name that are not in uppercase.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.8 (released 07/14/2006)

  • Connection.iterobjects() has been renamed to iterdefinitions().

  • Each Definition subclass has a new classmethod iterdefinitions() that iterates through all definitions of this type in a schema (or all schemas).

  • Each Definition subclass has new methods iterreferences() and iterreferencedby() that iterate through related definitions. The methods iterreferencesall() and iterreferencedbyall() do this recursively. The method iterdependent() is gone now.

  • The method iterschema() of Connection now has an additional parameter schema. Passing "all" for schema will give you statistics for the complete database not just one schema.

  • A new definition class MaterializedViewDefinition has been added that handles materialized views. Handling of create options is rudimentary though. Patches are welcome.

  • TableDefinition has a three new methods: ismview() returns whether the table is a materialized view; itercomments() iterates through comments and iterconstraints() iterates through primary keys, foreign keys and unique constraints.

  • The method getcursor() will now raise a TypeError if it can’t get a cursor.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.7.2 (released 07/05/2006)

  • RAW fields in tables are now output properly in TableDefinition.createddl().

  • A class PackageBodyDefinition has been added. will output package body definitions and will drop them.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.7.1 (released 07/04/2006)

  • Duplicate code in the scripts has been removed.

  • Fixed a bug in If the source to be diffed was long enough the call to diff3 deadlocked.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.7 (released 06/29/2006)

  • The method iterobjects() has been moved from Cursor to Connection.

  • The method itercolumns() has been moved from Cursor to TableDefinition.

  • LLProc now recognizes the c_out parameter used by ll.toxic 0.8.

  • Support for positional arguments has been added for Proc and LLProc. Error messages for calling procedures have been enhanced.

  • SequenceDefinition now has a new method createddlcopy() that returns code that copies the sequence value. has a new option -s/--seqcopy that uses this feature.

  • setuptools is now supported for installation.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.6 (released 04/26/2006)

Changes in ll-orasql 1.5 (released 04/05/2006)

  • Added a class IndexDefinition for indexes. will now issue create statements for indexes.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.4.3 (released 12/07/2005)

  • Fixed a bug with empty lines in procedure sources.

  • Remove spurious spaces at the start of procedure and function definitions.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.4.2 (released 12/07/2005)

  • Fixed a bug that the DDL output of Java source.

  • Trailing whitespace in each line of procedures, functions etc. is now stripped.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.4.1 (released 12/06/2005)

  • Fixed a bug that resulted in omitted field lengths.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.4 (released 12/05/2005)

  • The option -m/--mode has been dropped from the script

  • A new class ColumnDefinition has been added to ll.orasql. The Cursor class has a new method itercolumns() that iterates the ColumnDefinition objects of a table.

  • now doesn’t output a merged create table statement, but the appropriate alter table statements.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.3 (released 11/24/2005)

  • Added an option -i to and to ignore errors.

  • The argument all of the cursor method iterobjects() is now named schema and may have three values: "own", "dep" and "all".

  • Added an script that does a three way merge of three database schemas and outputs the resulting script.

  • DB links are now copied over in SynonymDefinition objects.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.2 (released 10/24/2005)

  • Added a argument to createddl() and dropddl() to specify if terminated or unterminated DDL is wanted (i.e. add ; or / or not).

  • CommentsDefinition has been renamed to CommentDefinition and holds the comment for one field only.

  • JavaSourceDefinition has been added.

  • The scripts, and now skip objects with "$" in their name by default. This can be changed with the -k option (but this will lead to unexecutable scripts).

  • has a new options -b: This allows you to specify how whitespace should be treated.

  • Added an option -x to to make it possible to directly execute the DDL in another database.

  • Fixed a bug in SequenceDefinition when the CACHE field was 0.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.1 (released 10/20/2005)

  • A script has been added which can be used for diffing Oracle schemas.

  • Definition classes now have two new methods cdate() and udate() that give the creation and modification time of the schema object (if available).

  • A "flat" iteration mode has been added to Cursor.iterobjects() that returns objects unordered.

  • Connection has a new method connectstring().

  • A class LibraryDefinition has been added.

  • CommentsDefinition.createddl() returns "" instead of "\n" now if there are no comments.

  • SQLObjectNotfoundError has been renamed to SQLObjectNotFoundError.

Changes in ll-orasql 1.0 (released 10/13/2005)

  • ll.orasql requires version 1.0 of the core package now.

  • A new generator method iterobjects() has been added to the Cursor class. This generator returns “definition objects” for all the objects in a schema in topological order (i.e. if the name of an object (e.g. a table) is generated it will only depend on objects whose name has been yielded before). SQL for recreating and deleting these SQL objects can be generated from the definition objects.

  • Two scripts ( and have been added, that create SQL scripts for recreating or deleting the content of an Oracle schema.

Changes in ll-orasql 0.7 (released 08/09/2005)

  • The commands generated by iterdrop() no longer have a terminating ;, as this seems to confuse Oracle/cx_Oracle.

Changes in ll-orasql 0.6 (released 06/20/2005)

  • Two new functions have been added: iterdrop() is a generator that yields information about how to clear the schema (i.e. drop all table, sequences, etc.). itercreate() yields information about how to recreate a schema.

Changes in ll-orasql 0.5 (released 06/07/2005)

  • Date values are now supported as OUT parameters.

Changes in ll-orasql 0.4.1 (released 03/22/2005)

  • Added a note about the package init file to the installation documentation.

Changes in ll-orasql 0.4 (released 01/03/2005)

  • ll.orasql now requires ll-core.

  • Procedures can now be called with string arguments longer that 32768 characters. In this case the argument will be converted to a variable before the call. The procedure argument must be a CLOB in this case.

  • Creating Record instances from database data is now done by the class method Record.fromdata(). This means it’s now possible to use any other class as long as it provides this method.

Changes in ll-orasql 0.3 (released 12/09/2004)

Changes in ll-orasql 0.2.1 (released 09/09/2004)

  • Fixed a regression bug in Proc._calcrealargs() as cursors will now always return Record objects.

Changes in ll-orasql 0.2 (released 09/08/2004)

  • Now generating Record object is done automatically in a subclass of cx_Oracle.Cursor. So now it’s possible to use ll.orasql as an extended cx_Oracle.

Changes in ll-orasql 0.1 (released 07/15/2004)

  • Initial release.

Changes to ll-nightshade

Changes in ll-nightshade 0.14.1 (released 03/09/2009)

  • ll.nightshade.Call now commits any changes that might have been done by the function or procedure.

Changes in ll-nightshade 0.14 (released 01/14/2009)

  • ll.nightshade.Connection has new methods commit(), rollback(), close() and cancel().

Changes in ll-nightshade 0.13.1 (released 08/29/2008)

Changes in ll-nightshade 0.13 (released 02/15/2008)

  • CherryPy 3.0 is required now.

  • The conditional() decorator has been removed. You can use CherryPy’s tools.etags tool.

  • The cache() decorator has been removed. You can use CherryPy’s tools.caching tool.

Changes in ll-nightshade 0.12 (released 02/01/2008)

  • All docstrings use ReST now.

Changes in ll-nightshade 0.11 (released 01/07/2008)

  • Updated the docstrings to XIST 3.0.

  • Added ReST versions of the documentation.

Changes in ll-nightshade 0.10 (released 09/04/2007)

  • When a Connect object is used as a decorator the database connection is no longer passed to the decorated function. This means that there will no longer be any signature mismatch between the original function and the decorated function. However the Connect object must be stored somewhere else and the user must call the new cursor() method to get a cursor.

  • Keyword argument in the Connect constructor are passed on to the connect() call.

Changes in ll-nightshade 0.9 (released 07/18/2007)

  • Added support for the Cache-Control header.

Changes in ll-nightshade 0.8.1 (released 06/26/2007)

  • Fixed a bug in Call.__call__() (calling the procedure wasn’t retried after the connection got lost).

Changes in ll-nightshade 0.8 (released 06/21/2007)

  • withconnection has been renamed to Connect and the implementation of __call__() has been fixed.

  • Call now needs a Connect object as the second argument in the constructor (instead of taking connectstring, pool and retry arguments).

Changes in ll-nightshade 0.7.1 (released 05/12/2007)

  • Fixed a bug that surfaced after the connection to the database was lost.

Changes in ll-nightshade 0.7 (released 03/16/2007)

  • A new decorator withconnection has been added. This can be used to retry database operations in case of stale connections.

Changes in ll-nightshade 0.6 (released 03/12/2007)

  • Initial public release.