Source code for ll.xist.ns.rss091

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# cython: language_level=3, always_allow_keywords=True

## Copyright 2007-2019 by LivingLogic AG, Bayreuth/Germany
## Copyright 2007-2019 by Walter Dörwald
## All Rights Reserved
## See ll/xist/ for the license

This is a namespace module implementing RSS 0.91.

from ll.xist import xsc, sims

__docformat__ = "reStructuredText"

xmlns = ""

[docs]class DocType(xsc.DocType): """ Document type for RSS 0.91 """ def __init__(self): xsc.DocType.__init__(self, 'rss PUBLIC "-//Netscape Communications//DTD RSS 0.91//EN" ""')
[docs]class channel(xsc.Element): """ Information about a particular channel. Everything pertaining to an individual channel is contained within this tag. """ xmlns = xmlns
[docs]class day(xsc.Element): """ The day of the week, spelled out in English. """ xmlns = xmlns
[docs]class description(xsc.Element): """ A plain text description of an :class:`item`, :class:`channel`, :class:`image`, or :class:`textinput`. """ xmlns = xmlns
[docs]class docs(xsc.Element): """ This tag should contain a URL that references a description of the channel. """ xmlns = xmlns
[docs]class height(xsc.Element): """ Specifies the height of an :class:`image`. Should be an integer value. """ xmlns = xmlns
[docs]class hour(xsc.Element): """ Specifies an hour of the day. Should be an integer value between 0 and 23. See :class:`skipHours`. """ xmlns = xmlns
[docs]class image(xsc.Element): """ Specifies an image associated with a :class:`channel` """ xmlns = xmlns
[docs]class item(xsc.Element): """ An item that is associated with a :class:`channel`. The item should represent a web-page, or subsection within a web page. It should have a unique URL associated with it. Each item must contain a :class:`title` and a :class:`link`. A :class:`description` is optional. """ xmlns = xmlns
[docs]class language(xsc.Element): """ Specifies the language of a channel. """ xmlns = xmlns
[docs]class lastBuildDate(xsc.Element): """ The last time the channel was modified. """ xmlns = xmlns
[docs]class managingEditor(xsc.Element): """ The email address of the managing editor of the site, the person to contact for editorial inquiries. """ xmlns = xmlns
[docs]class name(xsc.Element): """ The name of an object, corresponding to the ``name`` attribute of an HTML :class:`input` element. Currently, this only applies to :class:`textinput`. """ xmlns = xmlns
[docs]class pubDate(xsc.Element): """ Date when channel was published. """ xmlns = xmlns
[docs]class rating(xsc.Element): """ PICS rating of the channel. """ xmlns = xmlns
[docs]class rss(xsc.Element): """ Root element. """ xmlns = xmlns class Attrs(xsc.Element.Attrs): class version(xsc.TextAttr): required = True default = "0.91" values = ("0.91",)
[docs]class skipDays(xsc.Element): """ A list of :class:`day`\s of the week, in English, indicating the days of the week when your channel will not be updated. As with :class:`activeHours`, if you know your channel will never be updated on Saturday or Sunday, for example. """ xmlns = xmlns
[docs]class skipHours(xsc.Element): """ A list of :class:`hour`\s indicating the hours in the day, GMT, when the channel is unlikely to be updated. If this sub-item is omitted, the channel is assumed to be updated hourly. """ xmlns = xmlns
[docs]class textinput(xsc.Element): """ An input field for the purpose of allowing users to submit queries back to the publisher's site. """ xmlns = xmlns
[docs]class title(xsc.Element): """ An identifying string for a resource. When used in an :class:`item`, this is the name of the item's link. When used in an :class:`image`, this is the "alt" text for the image. When used in a :class:`channel`, this is the channel's title. When used in a :class:`textinput`, this is the textinput's title. """ xmlns = xmlns
[docs]class url(xsc.Element): """ Location to load a resource from. Note that this is slightly different from the :class:`link` tag, which specifies where a user should be re-directed to if a resource is selected. """ xmlns = xmlns
[docs]class webMaster(xsc.Element): """ The email address of the webmaster for the site, the person to contact if there are technical problems with the channel. """ xmlns = xmlns
[docs]class width(xsc.Element): """ Specifies the width of an :class:`image`. Should be an integer value. """ xmlns = xmlns
rss.model = sims.Elements(channel) skipDays.model = sims.Elements(day) skipHours.model = sims.Elements(hour) textinput.model = sims.Elements(link, description, name, title) item.model = sims.Elements(link, description, title) channel.model = sims.Elements(rating, skipHours, description, language, title, docs, image, pubDate, webMaster, item, link, skipDays, lastBuildDate, copyright, managingEditor, textinput) image.model = sims.Elements(width, link, description, title, url, height) copyright.model = \ day.model = \ description.model = \ docs.model = \ height.model = \ hour.model = \ language.model = \ lastBuildDate.model = \ link.model = \ managingEditor.model = \ name.model = \ pubDate.model = \ rating.model = \ title.model = \ url.model = \ webMaster.model = \ width.model = sims.NoElements()