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An extensible HTML/XML generator

XIST is an extensible HTML and XML generator. XIST is also a XML parser with a very simple and pythonesque tree API. Every XML element type corresponds to a Python class and these Python classes provide a conversion method to transform the XML tree (e.g. into HTML). XIST can be considered 'object oriented XSLT'.

XIST was written as a replacement for the HTML preprocessor HSC, and borrows some features and ideas from it.

It also borrows the basic ideas (XML/HTML elements as Python objects) from HTMLgen and HyperText.

XIST is the basis of an XML Web Content Management System by LivingLogic AG. The main advantage of using XIST in this context is being able to preprocess the CMS templates of the XML web content management system to get the maximum speed possible and to get reusable building blocks for constructing the templates.

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