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Script for listing directory contents of URLs


uls is a script that lists the content of directories. It is an URL-enabled version of the ls system command. Via ll.url and ll.orasql uls supports ssh and oracle URLs.


uls supports the following options:


Zero or more URLs. If no URL is given the current directory is listed.

-c, --color (yes, no or auto)

Should the output be colored? If auto is specified (the default) then the output is colored if stdout is a terminal.

-1, --one (false, no, 0, true, yes or 1)

Force output to be one URL per line. The default is to output URLs in multiple columns (as many as fit on the screen).

-l, --long (false, no, 0, true, yes or 1)

Ouput in long format: One URL per line containing the following information: file mode, owner name, group name, number of bytes in the file, number of links, URL.

-s, --human-readable-sizes (false, no, 0, true, yes or 1)

Output the file size in human readable form (e.g. 42M for 42 megabytes).

-r, --recursive (false, no, 0, true, yes or 1)

List directories recursively.

-w, --spacing (integer)

The number of spaces (or padding characters) between columns (only relevant for multicolumn output, i.e. when neither --long nor --one is specified).

-P, --padding (characters)

The characters used for padding output in multicolumn or long format.

-i, --include (pattern)

Only list files that match the pattern.

-e, --exclude (pattern)

Don't list files that match the pattern.

--enterdir (pattern)

Only enter directories that match the pattern.

--skipdir (pattern)

Skip directories that match the pattern.

--ignorecase (false, no, 0, true, yes or 1)

Perform case-insensitive pattern matching.


List the current directory:

$ uls
CREDITS.rst   installer.bmp   NEWS.rst           scripts/    test/
demos/        Makefile        OLDMIGRATION.rst   setup.cfg
docs/         MANIFEST.in     OLDNEWS.rst        setup.py
INSTALL.rst   MIGRATION.rst   README.rst         src/

List the current directory in long format with human readable file sizes:

$ uls -s -l
rw-r--r--  walter    staff      1114    1  2008-01-06 22:27:15  CREDITS.rst
rwxr-xr-x  walter    staff       170    5  2007-12-03 23:35:33  demos/
rwxr-xr-x  walter    staff       340   10  2010-12-08 16:48:53  docs/
rw-r--r--  walter    staff        2K    1  2010-12-08 16:48:53  INSTALL.rst
rw-r--r--  walter    staff       35K    1  2007-12-03 23:35:33  installer.bmp
rw-r--r--  walter    staff      1763    1  2011-01-21 17:22:32  Makefile
rw-r--r--  walter    staff       346    1  2011-02-25 11:13:18  MANIFEST.in
rw-r--r--  walter    staff       34K    1  2011-03-04 13:48:35  MIGRATION.rst
rw-r--r--  walter    staff      107K    1  2011-03-04 18:18:42  NEWS.rst
rw-r--r--  walter    staff        8K    1  2010-12-08 16:48:53  OLDMIGRATION.rst
rw-r--r--  walter    staff       75K    1  2010-12-08 16:48:53  OLDNEWS.rst
rw-r--r--  walter    staff        3K    1  2010-12-08 16:48:53  README.rst
rwxr-xr-x  walter    staff       578   17  2010-12-08 16:48:53  scripts/
rw-r--r--  walter    staff        39    1  2010-12-08 16:48:53  setup.cfg
rw-r--r--  walter    staff        7K    1  2011-03-03 13:33:21  setup.py
rwxr-xr-x  walter    staff       136    4  2007-12-04 01:43:13  src/
rwxr-xr-x  walter    staff        2K   68  2011-03-03 13:27:46  test/

Recursively list a remote directory:

uls ssh://user@www.example.org/~/dir/ -r

Recursively list the schema objects in an Oracle database:

uls oracle://user:pwd@oracle.example.org/ -r

def main​(args=None):

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