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Pycoco installation

Requirements, installation and configuration


To use this module you need the following software packages:

  1. Python 2.5;

  2. ll-xist (version 3.2.2 or later);


distutils is used for installation, so it's rather simple. Execute the following command:

$ python setup.py install

For Windows a binary distribution is provided. To install it, double click it and follow the instructions.

setuptools is supported for installation, so if you have setuptools installed the package will be installed as an egg (and you can use easy_install for installation).

If you have difficulties installing this software, send a problem report to Walter Dörwald (walter@livinglogic.de).


In addition to the environment variables CC and CXX (which are used by Python's Makefile itself for the C and C++ compiler), you can set the environment variable COV to point to the coverage program (the default is gcov).

You must create a directory run in your home directory, where pycoco will put its pid file (log files will be put into ~/log, but this directory will be created automatically).

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