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Pycoco history

The development history

Changes in 0.7.2 (released 09/08/2010)

  • Added the missing pixel GIF spc.gif.

Changes in 0.7.1 (released 08/11/2010)

  • Fixed a bug in the download method.

Changes in 0.7 (released 08/10/2010)

  • The URL of the Python tarball can now be specified on the command line.

  • Generating coverage info is now done via calling make coverage.

Changes in 0.6 (released 05/13/2009)

  • Generating the HTML files is now done via UL4 templates (which takes 40 seconds instead of 30 minutes).

Changes in 0.5 (released 03/18/2008)

  • pycoco now uses the -coverage option for compiling and linking (This requires gcc 4).

  • Two logfiles are generated now: A log of the build process and a log of running the tests. Both files are accessible from the generated start page.

  • The following tests are now run again: urlfetch, largefile, network and decimal

Changes in 0.4 (released 02/25/2008)

  • Removed XML version of the documentation.

  • Only the default set of tests gets run now.

  • Fixed a bug in page generation.

Changes in 0.3 (released 01/07/2008)

  • Changed docstring format.

  • Updated to use XIST 3.0.

Changes in 0.2 (released 10/19/2006)

  • The list of files can now be sorted by clicking on the appropriate buttons in the table headers.

Changes in 0.1.1 (released 10/02/2006)

  • Added a missing import to the XIST namespace.

Changes in 0.1 (released 10/02/2006)

  • Initial release.

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